Gift Cards for Corner Restaurants

Pay now for a check you will pay later anyways. This gives restaurants needed cash flow now to help them pay for rent and other core expenses.

We’ve focused initially on small, independently-owned businesses below. Let us know ( if we missed one of your favorites, and we’ll add it.

Many restaurants aren't set up to sell gift cards online. Don't let a 5-minute phone call get in the way of supporting your favorites!

(Corner businesses: we can help you set this up pro-bono. Just email us at

Business Buy by Phone Buy Online
Armandos (434) 202-1980
Asado 434-234-3486
Bilt (434) 202-1498
College Inn 434–977-2710
Corner Juice 434-260-3160
Crozet 434.823.2132
Fig (434) 995-5047
Got Dumplings (434) 244-3040
Grit (434) 293-4412
Heartwood Books (434) 295-7083
Jaripeo 434-972-9190
Juice Laundry 434-202-8839
Kuma 434-328-2741
Lemongrass 434-244-8424
Little John's 434.422.8868
Michael's Bistro (434) 977-3697
Pigeon Hole 434-984-0078
Poke (434)328-8833
Pronto 434-202-7638
Shenandoah Joe 434.817.0456
Take it Away (434)295-1899
Thyme & Co 434-282-2436